Iowa State – Iowa / BYU – BC

I’ll just be updating this one post for the game rather than a bunch more individual posts.

12:03 – Terrible picture, and questionable announcers for this one. Who is the guy calling the game? He doesn’t sound human. ESPN/ABC is really overextended today.

12:07 – Iowa doesn’t look like they came prepared to play today. It’s like the Gators at the beginning of the USM game. It will be seen if they can snap out of it like Florida did.

12:09 – Touchdown, Iowa State. Well, Drew Tate doesn’t play special teams or defense.

12:15 – That’s the first points a visitor has scored in the first quarter against Iowa in 12 games. Also, Iowa State’s coach looks like a maniac. Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried are calling the game, for the record. Thanks, Fox Sports.

12:19 – Punt for Iowa. Disappointing. They needed to answer that to keep the intensity up. Nice punt though. On the Deuce, I’ve got BYU-BC, and the Cougars have score already. In fact, Cincinnati-Ohio State is the only game without a score right now. Somewhat surprising.

12:24 – Only game involving a ranked team without a score. There’s no score in the Syracuse-Illinois game. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. On the plus side for the Hawks, their defense woke up. They’ll have good field position now.

12:26 – BYU narrowly misses on a touchdown pass, and almost line up with 10 men for a field goal. It misses wide left anyway. BC is very lucky not to be down by more. Wow, the ACC is terrible this year. But I knew that already.

12:30 – Wake Forest – UConn looks like it might be the most competitive game, or at least the highest scoring. Too bad I’m stuck with BYU-BC. Iowa definitely has bigger and better players than Iowa State, but ISU is going to give it a good fight as always.

12:32 – BC goes three and out. They really look bad on both sides of the ball. If Wake loses to UConn, that’ll be another big win for the Big East in that it’s over another BCS conference team. Wake is not a good team, but UConn isn’t that good either. Field goal, Iowa.

12:35 – Cincy is playing Ohio State close again. I forgot that their coach is a former Buckeye assistant. OSU may be napping after the big win at Texas. And speaking of the Big East and Iowa, Syracuse nearly beat the Hawkeyes without Drew Tate last week. With Rutgers looking fairly decent for the second year in a row and Pitt seemingly on the right track, the Big East definitely has something to build on, despite USF only beating FIU by one last week.

12:40 – BYU’s coach is named Bronco Mendenhall. What a great football name. Bronco can’t stop BC from connecting on a 79-yard bomb though. That will probably account for a third of BC’s total yardage for the day.

12:44 – Mercifully, Arkansas – Vandy is on Jefferson Pilot Lincoln Financial Sports to give me a third option beyond BYU-BC. The BC kicker just plain missed an extra point. Just awful football.

12:49 – Nice try, BYU with the nice trickeration on the kickoff return. Too bad with the penalty. Also, Cincinnati is another Big East team playing well. Also, nicely done by the announcers. Sean McDonough: “Cincinnati hasn’t beat Ohio State since 1897, when Spielman was on the field.” Chris Spielman: “Yep and you were calling the game.” The highlight of this game so far.

12:50 – It just hit me. How did the ESPN2 game get better anouncers than the ESPN game?

12:52 – It appears that Arkansas and Vandy gave their defenses the weekend off. Fine with me. I like to root for Vandy when they’re not playing Florida. Why? Because they’re Vandy.

12:56 – Tough break for Illinois. Syracuse’s score? On a play where the Orange QB fumbles and someone else picks it up and runs it in. Drew Tate also needs to calm down. He’s overthrowing a lot.

12:59 – BC can’t get its punt team right, then gets called for illegal formation. Great field position for BYU. Let’s see if they can capitalize like they failed to earlier.

1:03 – Amidst the terrible camera work, Iowa just seems like they’re playing better than Iowa State, but ISU is still leading. In other words, it’s a standard Iowa State-Iowa game. Iowa needs to shore up their third down defense though.

1:07 – Of course, now that I write that, I find out that ISU is dominating the time of possession and they’re now wearing down the Iowa defense with the running game. Figures. Iowa will probably go into halftime down 14-3 or at least 10-3.

1:10 – BYU has a third cousin of Richard Nixon on its team. Good to know. They also went up 10-6 and forced BC to go three and out. The punt is nearly blocked. BC just can’t get the kicking game right today. Also, BC is located at “Chestnut Hill.” That sounds like the site of a Hallmark Original Movie, not a football stadium. It really explains the quality of play today.

1:13 – Touchdown Iowa State again. 14-3 it is. Terrible commercial for the University of Iowa though. It looks like it was a graduate thesis by someone in the arts school. The Iowa State commercial was much more professional. If it wasn’t for them having approximately the same colors as FSU, I’d probably like them more.

1:16 – If it wasn’t for UConn somehow blowing an extra point (all I have is the score), the Big East would be up or tied in each of its games right now. That conference has really been the story in the early season, in how well it has played against the other conferences. Especially if Louisville beats Miami. That’s also 3 missed extra points in all the games today. It makes me feel better about Florida’s stuggles with them so far.

1:19 – Another field goal for BYU. I’d feel better about them getting the upset if these were touchdowns, but they’re still scoring. Another terrible promo commercial, this time all of the ACC coaches in black and white talking about sportsmanship while looking everywhere but at the camera. Who got the fewest words in? Yup, Chuck Amato, with only two. It’s probably because he has an exceedingly strange voice.

1:21 – Well, I was wrong, touchdown Iowa on a screen pass. That gives Iowa a much better chance to win. They’ve got the momentum now if ISU can’t score in the last 1:21 of the game, and Iowa gets the ball first after halftime.

1:24 – Iowa State’s coach doesn’t sound like half the madman he looks like on the sidelines.

1:25 – BYU drops an easy INT in the endzone. Pitt also has a linebacker named H.B. Blades who got an interecption. It seems like athletes with the name “Blades” always are good.

1:29 – Good Lord, BC missed another extra point. This guy really won a game in overtime last week? Really? We now hear that he’s been seeing a sports psychologist and has his 20 best kicks on tape for “positive reinforcement.” In other words he’s a head case. Good to know for picking BC games later. Also, I just saw the replay, and what a beautiful pass by Mitch Mustain for Arkansas’ touchdown. Of course, they’re playing Vandy.

1:32 – Nice two minute drill brewing for BYU, until a great interception by BC. Maybe there is some decent football being player here after all.

1:36 – Shaky day for the Big 10 so far. Ohio State is struggling, Illinois is down, Iowa is down, and Ball State (!) has an early lead on Purdue.

1:42 – Vandy gets a touchdown, but somehow screws up the point after. That’s five and counting now.

1:47 – Arkansas: where current students walk all over our past! Vanderbilt: where we’re so cheap we use only still photos and a generic drumline track in our commercial! How hard is it really for a school to get a decent ad campaign? These people need to talk to Iowa State. Also, touchdown, Pigs on a heady screen pass by Mustain. Arkansas gets what is apparently its second illegal formation on extra points. I had no idea that PATs were so difficult.

1:51 – Seeing the Vandy stadium brings back memories from two years ago when I went there with the Gator band. Even though the Gators were down at halftime, it never felt like they were in danger of losing. The concession food was pretty good, and they give out Kennedy half dollars if you need to get 50 cents back. A unique experience up there. Maybe about 12 families tailgate before the games, and even with the hordes of Gator fans the place wasn’t a sell out. Also, the Vanderbilt Commodore is the strangest looking mascot this side of the Wichita State Shocker.

1:56 – Strangest looking in that it’s a person in a non-human-looking pose. The Commodore has a giant chin and his mouth is permanently puckered. The Shocker, however, defies description.

1:59 – While I was watching the SEC game, Iowa State came out, stopped Iowa, and got a field goal to extend the lead to seven. Iowa can’t seem to string together a couple of good posessions. Also, a very heavy classical bent between the bands. Of course, Holst’s “Mars” and “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana are pretty standard.

2:04 – Rece Davis mentions that Ohio State hasn’t lost to a team from Ohio since Oberlin in 1921. Pam Ward refuses to make an age joke about Mike Gottfried. That’s what I’m talking about with the announcers. Nice seam route for an Iowa touchdown though. Also, Georgia just can’t seem to open up any more of a lead than 7-0 over UAB. I hope Dawgs fans are happy with Matt Stafford. UGA is mainly running the ball since the QB is a freshman. Plus, they’re getting almost five yards a carry. Still, if you let UAB hang around, they’ll steal a game from you.

2:08 – BYU fumbles away a snap to BC; now both teams have two turnovers. Yes, that’s a properly-used semicolon. That’s how much time I have to think about these things thanks to the under-stimulation of these games.

2:10 – Georgia Tech gets a shot at Troy this week. Let’s see if Troy really is that good, or FSU really was that bad. Of course, Georgia Tech probably overachieved against Notre Dame and aren’t that good either.

2:17 – BC punches it in, and is goes for two apparently not trusting the kicker anymore. They get it. Meanwhile, Akron is trailing Central Michigan after its big win over Chuck Dynamite and NC State. A letdown, or is the Wolfpack really that bad?

2:24 – Georgia tacked on a field goal over UAB. Yawn. Nothing is going on right now in any of these games.

2:29 – I think I just missed an Iowa touchdown while watching Arkansas and Vandy. Oh well. This game will probably be decided in the last couple minutes anyway.

2:39 – ISU got a much-needed stop against Iowa. They’re going to need to score this drive to feel better about the rest of the game. Also, touchdown BYU, and they nail the PAT. It’s tied, 20-20. Minnesota has put up a Louisville-esque 21 points on Temple in the first quarter.

2:43 – Nice stop by Iowa, followed by a lackluster punt. If Iowa scores on this drive, it’s over thanks to the new clock rules. This new VW Rabbit commercial with the two guys searching for WiFi signal uses the same drum loop as the opening titles of The Italian Job and it always catches me off guard. I wonder if they’re expecting people to notice or not.

2:45 – BC is wasting no time going back down the field. I think BYU’s defense may be wearing down. Not five seconds after I typed that, Sean McDonough said the same thing. BC’s going to win this I think now, but a nice try by BYU. And that may or may not be a reverse jinx.

2:49 – Meanwhile, the Big East is fading. Pitt is down 31-10, Cincinnati is down 20-7, and Wake Forest is trying to hold on to its four point lead with the ball and just over four minutes to go. Only Syracuse is still looking good with a large lead on the hapless Illini. BC finally gets a kick right and puts three more on the board.

2:55 – Well, BYU’s offense sure isn’t worn out. They’re driving with a purpose. But if they score, can the defense hold on?

2:58 – Good red zone defense by BC to hold BYU to a field goal. It’s tied. I’d still like BC based on the BYU defense’s fatigue, but the BYU offense looks great.

3:01 – Iowa seems to be in control now. Only a catastrophic turnover will allow the Cyclones to win at this point. Good effort by Iowa State though.

3:04 – Somewhere along the line, Arkansas got a touchdown. Mustain has some nice-looking stats. Of course, they’re playing Vandy. BC meanwhile, was getting whatever it wanted until they just fumbled it away. Here’s BYU’s big break. Go get ’em, Cougs. Please stop throwing floaters, though.

3:07 – A big first down, then a big run for BYU. BC’s defense looks shellshocked now.

3:09 – Poor tackling by BC keeps giving BYU chances. The clock is huge now. Except that BYU doesn’t apparently realize that it can’t overpower BC, and now must settle for a field goal try. And it hits the post! BC is still alive. Unbelievable.

3:14 – It’s official, Iowa takes it. The Iowa security also has fallen asleep as there are Iowa students streaming out of the stands. This is a big win for Iowa, a gritty win. It bodes will for the rest of their season. This season may end up reminiscent of the 2002 team with Brad Banks challenging Ohio State for the Big 10 title.

3:17 – Minnesota is now up 42-0 against Temple in the first half. Poor Temple. Two weeks in a row. BYU did make BC punt though. They get it on the 20 with less than two minutes but with all three timeouts. Hold on tight folks.

3:19 – Great run by Vandy’s Cassen Jackson -Garrison. He broke about three tackles. I can see him cause Florida all kinds of fits in November.

3:21 – BYU has over 500 yards of total offense, and might get 600 if they score here. Not good for the BC defense. However, BYU goes three and out, and BC gets excellent field position out of this.

3:24 – Crazy play on the punt return, where the returner Tribble fumbled followed by the ball bouncing around like a pinball before BC ends up with it. BC just used its first timeout after a sack. With two timeouts and the current field position, BC might end up with this.

3:25 – A dumb sideline piece about the BC kicker’s gum is made up for by comparing his extra points to tee shots by the BC athletic director. Thanks for rescuing the segment, Sean. BC also uses another timeout.

3:28 – Fantastic deflection and interception by BYU. They might get this one after all. They’re right around midfield with two timeouts, but only 20 seconds. They’ll probably have a chance at three completions before kicking.

3:30 – Nice completion by BYU. They say it’d be about a 52-53 yard try from here. BYU’s kicker has the leg for it. Here we go.

3:31 – Missed! Barring a BC miracle, overtime here we come.

3:36 – As I said, overtime here we come. Good effort on the Hail Mary though. No Flutie heroics today though. I can’t say that BC is significantly better than BYU after this though. BYU goes first.

3:38 – BC Coach Tom O’Brien looks like he can’t believe he’s in overtime with BYU.

3:42 – BC declines a penalty to back up BYU rather than force 4th down. It pays off, but that was risky. Bad snap for BYU, and they get no points. BC looks awfully good now.

3:43 – Meanwhile, tough loss for Vandy after missing on a 2-point conversion and missing a late field goal to fall by 2 to Arkansas. Yep, this is the Vandy we’re used to.

3:44 – BYU nicks the BC field goal, and we’re going to double overtime. Oregon also needed fewer than two minutes to score on Oklahoma. Uh oh.

3:47 – What a touchdown heave on a bootleg for BC. The kicker juuuuuust makes the PAT barely inside the uprights on the same side he’d missed the other two.

3:51 – Michgan wastes no time and gets touchdown 32 seconds into the game. Yeah Wolverines! BC nearly got an interception, but it’s ruled incomplete. It’s under review.

3:52 – It sure looks like a INT to me.

3:54 – And it is an interception. BC escapes with a win. Wow. It turned out to be a good game after all.

That’s all for now. Now its time for the good stuff, with LSU-Auburn and Miami-Louisville.


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