It’s Game Day

10:30 – And there ain’t nuthin’ better. Right now I’m starting it off right with College GameDay. Maybe it’s getting a little bloated with the two-hour time slot and with Desmond Howard adding almost nothing to the show whenever he shows up (not his fault – it’s the show’s writers’ fault).

Chris Fowler wrote an article for that is free right now (but who knows for how long) about why they are at Nebraska-USC as opposed to one of the SEC games. He says it’s not specifically because ABC is doing the game and CBS has the SEC games (as Dan Patrick speculated on the radio yesterday) but because of the traditions the programs have and that it’s a way to spread it around geographically. The only huge games left on the West Coast are Notre Dame-USC (and they’ve already been to a ND game) and Oregon-USC now that Cal doesn’t look as good as once thought. Fowler says that there’s plenty more big games in the SEC, and that the SEC crowds are far and away the best they get. Amen.

I think Corso is going to pick Florida for Leak and the defense and Herbstreit Tennessee for Erik Ainge’s renaissance this year.


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