More Nebraska-USC

12:01 – Aww, poor John David Booty. He had to wait his turn and couldn’t find any Southern people in Los Angeles. Give me a break. If you ask LSU and Florida Marlins fans about his brother Josh, they’ll probably still swear profusely.

Does anyone really take those dumb Under Armor “Click Clack” commercials seriously? They don’t even rate on the unintentional comedy scale because they’re just so dumb. Speaking of commercials though, I really like the Hummer H3 “It’s Not Magic” spots. I’d never buy a Hummer, but I think they’re really funny.

Lee Corso has now officially called Percy Harvin “Florida’s version of Reggie Bush.” It’s starting to get out of hand. We haven’t even seen him against a good defense yet. I’m as excited about him as anyone, but we need to see him against good teams first before we compare him to anyone.

Both guys pick Miami over Louisville. I like UL. I the Bowden Bowl, I like Clemson. It’s one of those charity games that FSU loses for the benefit of other teams in the conference. Clemson and NC State in particular get them fairly often. I agree with them on Iowa winning if Drew Tate plays. If not, Cyclones by a lot.

I think Notre Dame will win like them, but I’m not totally sold yet. Michigan will be a good test, especially with how great Mike Hart is looking. As for Nebraska-USC, the Trojans will pull away late, but this is a huge respect game for Nebraksa. How big is Nebraska’s fan base? I saw a guy wearing a “Californians for Nebraska” shirt. If the Huskers somehow pull this off, they’ll be insufferable. Again.


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