11:14 – Bill Callahan has a complicated offense, and it sounds complicated the way he talks unless you know what he’s talking about. Like everything else on earth.

Now we’ve got the ABC crew out, headlined by Brent “Bowdens Are Dreamy” Musburger. They collectively say nothing. Now what do you say, Mark May? He can’t imagine USC ever losing to anyone in the history of time. As always.

The guys are back for some picks. Both like Southern Miss over NC State and Chuck “It’s Hard Out There for a Coach” Amato. Other than that, no real surprises here.

Oregon has crazy uniforms. News at 11.
Also, someone from USC wants you to know that Charlie Weis is the love child of Jabba the Hut [sic] and Rosie O’Donnell. Weak, Pac-10, weak. That’s got nothing on a GT fan’s “Calvin: Beating Catholics since 1509” from Week 1 and some Bama fan’s “LSU Bleauxs” from last year. As if you needed any more proof.


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