Blown Coverage

I was disappointed in the coverage in the Alligator yesterday on the Tennessee game. You’d think Tim Tebow won the entire game himself, and that Chris Leak was a footnote in the victory. Of course that’s not true, but it just reinforces to me that the infatuation with the Next Guy is more pervasive than I had thought.

Let’s face it – at this point Tim Tebow is a running back. He takes direct snaps and might pull a halfback pass once in a blue moon, but he’s a tailback plain and simple. He’s the big tailback for short yardage situations. In other words, he is the Gators’ Jerome Bettis.

Now, I think Tebow is going to be fantastic with time, but as I’ve said before, he can’t read defenses yet. I can’t blame the coaches for only letting him run, because he goes at it with abandon. He’s a far more passionate runner than anyone else on the team. But a starting quarterback in by far the toughest conference in the country? Not yet.

Realizing that Tebow is really a running back, I’d like to see Coach Meyer and Coach Mullin put in some plays where Tebow lines up in the backfield with Leak. They could run all kinds of crazy plays that completely confuse defenses. You can’t all-out blitz because have to respect Leak’s arm throwing the ball, but you also can’t drop back into nickel or dime coverage because of Tebow (and perhaps Wynn, Harvin, or Caldwell at H back) running the ball.

Now the Alligator somewhat made up for it by doing a feature article on Leak and his candidacy for the Heisman, but it’s not the same as the immediate post-game coverage. It’s fine though; I just like to see credit where it is due. This weekend means nothing because it’s Kentucky, and even last year’s messy offense looked championship-worthy against the Cats. I expect it to be similar to the UCF game.


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