Rankings and Such

Now that we’re a few weeks into the season, the rankings start to be more meaningful. For instance, Cal was probably a bit overrated at the beginning of the season, but then likely fell too far after losing to a highly motivated Tennessee team. Louisville has shown that it has a legitimate case for being a top-10 team. The ACC teams have shown that they all were vastly overrated.

And yet, we still don’t know how good some of these teams are. How good is Tennessee? Can you really say? And by extension of that, can you really say how good Florida is yet? Tennessee is really the only point of reference. Virginia Tech is lurking at the edge of the top-10, but they’ve played no one yet.

The top five of Ohio State, Auburn, USC, West Virginia, and Florida, with only the order of AU and USC in dispute. The Harris Poll, which replaced the AP poll in the BCS and doesn’t come out until week 5, has Michigan fifth and Florida at sixth. The Master Coaches Survey, which I mentioned last week, bumped Florida down to sixth and Michigan up to fifth. That’s fair, because Florida struggled with Kentucky and as I said, we can’t say for sure how good the Gators are yet. Plus, Michigan and Ohio State play each other so I’m not that worried.

I’m really not that concerned about any of these polls, really. Coming into this season, I wasn’t thinking about a national championship. This actually puts me in conflict with more and more Gator fans, as I’m finding. Florida hasn’t even won the SEC since 2000, also the last time we won the East. My attitude was win the SEC East, take our chances in Atlanta, and see if we can get to the BCS again.

If we win the East and go to the BCS, that will be a great launching pad for the next few years under Urban Meyer. Next year, it will be mostly his team, and in two years, all of the Zook recruits will be gone. Winning the division and possibly the conference will go a long way to establishing Meyer as a solid winner and not just a mid-major champion.

While I do question some of the things they do (running a reverse to the left from the left hash comes to mind), Meyer and Dan Mullen have been to more BCS games in the last five years than anyone at Florida has. The national championship? That’d be awesome, and just as great of a story as the basketball team was last season. However, let’s just win the East first.

You know what? Forget that. Let’s just beat Alabama on Saturday first. Then we’ll worry about anything more.

Side note: Steve Young on post-MNF SportsCenter just said that double reverses are “what the University of Florida runs,” not what NFL teams usually do. Touché. But what a win for the Saints. Just a huge game for the city. I visited there three years ago with the band for the LSU game (when Florida beat the Tigers for their only loss that year when they won the national title), and the atmosphere was amazing. I loved it. America needs New Orleans, and this is a baby step towards restoring things. The Saints look legit, too.


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