Meyer: National Title “Not a Goal”

Looks like Urban and I are on the same page. When asked about how the next four games affect the team’s national title hopes, he said “That’s not one of our goals.” This is a good team, but not a great one yet. To wit, the Gators have

  1. A mediocre-at-best secondary
  2. An every-down back, but only when he feels like it
  3. Absolutely no depth at linebacker
  4. Little depth anywhere else but receiver and d-line
  5. A completely underwhelming offensive line, and
  6. A freshman returning punts and kicks

That doesn’t sound like a national champion team to me. Fortunately, the defensive line is monstrous, the starting linebackers are fantastic, the receivers are a defensive coordinator’s nightmare, and statistically one of the best quarterbacks in the country and school history. Plus, the backup quarterback is as fast as receiver, built like a linebacker, runs like a tailback, and has no fear whatsoever.

The pluses outweigh the minuses enough that they should win the division, and maybe the conference. But the national title? Not at this point. How exactly could they stop Troy Smith and Ted Ginn? Who’s covering Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett? These are questions that can’t be answered unless they match up in a bowl game, but we will get to find out how they plan on moving the ball on Auburn and LSU’s defenses very soon. We’ll get a preview against Alabama.

(Clarification note: I have been referring to the next four games as “the next four weeks.” In fact, the Gators mercifully have a bye week after Auburn and before Georgia, so it’s really the next five weeks. I apologize for the sloppiness, and might go back and fix the places where I did that if I get the time and motivation.)

* * *

Another great college football site is College Football Resource. From there I found a like to this piece on icing the kicker. It’s annoying and never seems to work, but as it turns out statistically it does. Not dramatically, but the chances of making a high pressure kick delcines by about 10% if a timeout is called before the kick by the opposing team. Good stuff.


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