Student Life – SG Elections

September 27, 2006

One more rapid-fire post here, once again, that has nothing to do with the two previous ones.

Yesterday and today have been the elections for Student Government. Now, SG is generally thought of with hostility around here because of mini-scandals that the Alligator, the independent student newspaper, likes to highlight. A particularly notorious one was when a couple years ago SG blew nearly $500 in student fees on chocolate alligators for a social event.

Athletes every now and then get involved. Last Fall, there was a mini-scandal about one party listing Chris Leak as its treasurer because that way all of its signs had his name at the bottom in the who-paid-for-this disclosure. Since he wasn’t actually the treasurer, though he was affiliated with the party, they had to take his name off. Last Spring, there was a failed mostly-athlete party that actually was going to have Tim Tebow run for student senate for a while, and Brandon Siler ran (unsuccessfully) for student body vice president on the runner-up ticket.

Most parties take on unimaginitive names, like Ignite, Impact, Gator, Access, and this semester the Swamp Party and Action Party, but every now and then then there’s a joke party that riles things up. Two years ago it was the Keg Party; slogan: win or lose we booze. It actually had the best platform of the three parties and managed to force some run-offs, but in the end the two Greek-dominated parties won out. As usual.

This semester, we get the Pants Party. They say that they are lying about everything, so they’ll promise anything anyone wants. I’m still a little hazy on the details of their platform, but part of it includes a “puppy exchange program.” Who knows if they’ll do well enough to make an impact, but they get cool points for the name.

Pants Party. Brilliant.


Marcus Thomas Hearsay

September 27, 2006

Something that didn’t really fit in with the last post was a report from 930AM in Jacksonville that Marcus Thomas would be back for the LSU game. I heard this from Heath Cline. He brought the issue up with Pat Dooley on his show, and Pat says that there’s no chance that he’ll be back.

I tend to agree with Pat. I just don’t think there’s enough circumstantial evidence, from what I’ve seen and heard, to overturn the suspension. Fact is, no one knows and no one will know until the university makes its decision. It’s their call, not Urban’s, though I’m sure his input is involved. We’ll just have to wait and see, and just focus on Alabama for now.

Lists and Hits

September 27, 2006

First, it seems to be one of those times when it’s bad to be a football player. Chris Simms had his spleen ruptured, Rice DB Dale Lloyd collapsed and died the following day, and now Terrell Owens perhaps attempted suicide. Delving into these is beyond the scope of this blog. It does help though to put things into perspective, and in the case of the Rice player, who probably passed away due to a pre-existing condition since he collapsed after a “light workout,” illustrates the importance of screening players for medical issues. While watching the Kansas-Toledo game a little while ago, they said that the Kansas quarterback Kerry Meier had a heart condition that had been undiscovered until a screening process that KU has recently required all of its players to undergo. I wonder if the same thing could have saved Lloyd’s life.

*  *  *

Now, onto what this was supposed to be about. As I’ve said, there’s a vocal minority of Florida students who want Tim Tebow to start at quarterback for a variety of reasons regardless of what Chris Leak does. There also are a lot of vehement Leak supporters as well. I did a quick search for Leak on the Facebook (which for those of you who may not know is a popular social networking site among college students everywhere) and I count at least 18 groups started since Saturday to defend him, listed here:

Formal Apology to Chris Leak
Real Gator Fans Don’t Boo Chris Leak
This year’s about Chris Leak forget about Tim Tebow
People who Boo Heisman Candidate QB Chris Leak are Retarded
Dont Boo Chris Leak you motherf——!
If You Boo Chris Leak, I Will Punch You In the Face
REAL Florida Fans Who Hate Florida Fans Who Boo Leak
I’m NOT one of the idiots who booed Chris Leak at the Kentucky game.
Last time I checked, Chris Leak was still the starting quarterback.
Stop Booing Chris Leak!
Loyal to Leak
People who Boo Chris Leak aren’t REAL GATORS
Chris Leak Is the Quarterback of Florida Football, NOT Tim Tebow
F— Anyone Who Boos Chris Leak

I could only find one group in favor of the booing, entitled “Bench Chris Leak!!” and it only had four members. Interestingly, there was also another group calling Urban Meyer out not defending Leak in the post game conference, called “The B—- Move:”I heard it, too. That’s not my business.””

Remember, there’s more to a group than just the squeaky wheels, and I don’t expect to hear any more booing of the team this year.

*  *  *

It’s fun to look at the ol’ stat counter for the site and see what kinds of methods people use to find this place. The hits have been skyrocketing lately (thanks for reading everyone!) and it’s been some predictable things driving it. For instance, I am the only person on who tags posts with “Tim Tebow,” so when people search for him I’m the only thing that comes up.  Also, I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people searching for Bruce Gradkowski since he’s the new Bucs starting quarterback and few people know that much about him.

The number one hit driver though, despite being a non-factor in the past two games, is Percy Harvin. I haven’t been keeping a running count, but he’s consistently at the top of search terms used to get here. Tebow has passed him in the past couple days in the daily counts, but Percy still is the top overall. Interesting that freshmen would be the top-two points of interest. It goes to show that regarless of what year you are, if you’re exciting, people take notice and want to know more.

Other interesting things? All WordPress provides is yesterday and today’s stats, so that’s all I’ve got now, but here goes. There’s a lot of people misspelling Chris Simms’ last name as “Sims.” Someone still looking for information on signs from College GameDay week two searched for “gameday usc jabba weis.” Twice I’ve been found by someone simply searching for the letter t (don’t ask me how or why).

Also seen are “Jay Cutler Matthew Stafford” from probably a hopeful Bulldog fan, “bruce gradkowski will be good” from a desperate Bucs fan (not at all unlike myself), “CBS Sportsline Mike Freeman Leak” from a controversy seeker, and “how to be a good football run baker” from someone who learned English from the “All your base are belong to us” school of grammar.

The busiest day of the week in terms of traffic is Monday, followed by Sunday, and that makes sense. Thanks again for dropping in, never hesitate to comment!