This Just In: Auburn Defense is Human

It was a bold move for Auburn to do an onside kick in the third quarter to prevent South Carolina from having a possession, and now I can’t blame them for it. I don’t know if it’s the rain or what, but they can’t tackle Syvelle Newton for the life of them. He’s probably the guy who should have been the quarterback all along the past two years, really, and they certainly haven’t used him correctly since switching him away.

South Carolina is going to make a game of this after all. The Auburn defense looks vulnerable to running quarterbacks, which tells me that LSU didn’t use JaMarcus Russell correctly and that a steady diet of Tim Tebow may be a big help to winning. Of course, it may be that Auburn bought its own hype and didn’t take SC seriously, and was more concerned with keeping the passing plays in front of them rather than give up big plays. So maybe the threat of the throw is opening up Newton’s running, which means that Tebow will get stuffed over and over.

Based on Auburn’s soft prevent defense with five minutes to go, it’s looking like SC will force overtime. More comments will be edited in with after the game.

*  *  *

 Well, Auburn survived, and in the end that’s best for Florida. The SEC needs its top teams to hold on and win these kinds of games even though a South Carolina win would show the conference as being even tougher. In any event, an Auburn loss would give all the Big 10 people ammunition despite it being only a two and a half horse race, and it’d rile up all the Pac 10 wags who have no room to talk whatsoever about their annual one horse race.

Plus, the higher teams are ranked when Florida plays them the better they look if the Gators win. I only got to watch the fourth quarter of this Auburn – South Carolina game, so it was skewed very favorably towards South Carolina, but the Tigers didn’t really look as fearsome as they have. I would contend part of that was the rain, part the defense not playing at all for more than an hour, and part them relaxing after seeing how bad South Carolina looked against everyone but FAU.

Nevertheless, it gives some insight on how to exploit some of Auburn’s weaknesses. The running quarterback worked, but only on passing plays, so if Tebow is to be effective he’ll need to do something with his arm. The offense there has never been that imaginative, so the Florida defense will be fine. We shall see, but a big thanks to Steve Spurrier for exposing some flaws in the Tigers’ armor.


3 Responses to This Just In: Auburn Defense is Human

  1. littlelai says:

    Start of the game was ALL AUBURN, which as a Bama fan you know I hate to admit! South Carolina returned first; 3 and out; auburn scored before minute 7.

    South Carolina lost it for themselves, I believe. Some stupid mistakes that could have resulted in a win.

    I was surprised to see the game so tough for Auburn actually; wish you had caught the whole thing!

  2. year2 says:

    Yeah, I wish I had seen it. Several people during today’s midday Gainesville sports talk shows said that the game was about the best coached game they’d seen in a while and that it was a pleasure to watch. SC had their chances, but between the dropped touchdown and utterly predictable final play they couldn’t pull it out.

  3. littlelai says:

    I agree with the coaching. Spurrier made some great decisions, that without player blunder, could have been 6.

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