Marcus Thomas and LSU Coverage

Yes, Marcus Thomas was spotted at practice yesterday. I heard it on Brady Ackerman’s radio show this morning and found confirmation from the Gainesville Sun. He was working out on his own before practice, and has not officially joined the team. He is still suspended as as such is not allowed to participate in team activities. Though Urban Meyer says the matter is out of his hands and he has nothing new to report, Thomas’ roommate Ray McDonald says Thomas has a meeting on his status in the next few days. Ackerman also said something about Marcus being arrested in Tampa over the weekend for driving with a suspended license, but I haven’t been able to find confirmation on that anywhere. If it didn’t happen, that’s sloppy reporting from a usually reliable guy.

I also found a couple of articles from the Daily Reveille, the LSU student newspaper. One is about how LSU is concerned about Florida’s run defense. LSU hasn’t been able to run the ball well all year, and being one-dimensional probably cost them the Auburn game. The other article is on how the LSU defense stacks up with Florida’s offense. Les Miles says that the key to the game is stopping Chris Leak from being an effective passer. The article also discusses “Tim TeBowe” (yes, it’s spelled that way every time; maybe it’s the alternate Cajun spelling of the name) and his strengths in running the ball. Miles basically says that he knows Florida will be playing to each quarterback’s strengths, so don’t expect the Tigers to be fooled this weekend.

The articles aren’t that particularly insightful, but it is always interesting to see how the other side sees the games. LSU is as concerned about this game as Florida is, and it goes to show that neither team is supremely confident that it will win. They also have some good quotes from LSU coaches and players that won’t appear in Florida-oriented coverage. It’s a nice break from Gator-centric coverage if you need one.


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