Georgia is the New Tennessee

After losing at home on homecoming to Vanderbilt, Georgia is officially this year’s 2005 Tennessee. They have no offense, the defense is slowly deteriorating, and everyone seems to be losing confidence. Vandy is not as bad as it seems, with each of its conference losses coming by less than a touchdown. Bobby Johnson has a good thing building there, and while I don’t think Vanderbilt will ever be a bowl team year in and year out, they certainly seem to be set to be competitive consistently.

Iowa’s loss to Indiana is even worse. By the way, did you know that Mark May picked Iowa to go to the national title game in the preseason? Yes, it’s true, and yes I’ll remind you every time the Hawkeyes lose. It’s about time there was some crazy upsets. This year has been mostly quiet in that regard.

Also, just a tough break for Adrian Peterson. He finally gets to play in front of his father, has a giant day in a blowout win, and ends up breaking his collarbone. He’s one of the better guys in college football and a tremendous player who is fun to watch. That’s a shame.


3 Responses to Georgia is the New Tennessee

  1. PhilipVU94 says:

    Exactly! That thought occurred to me this morning, that UGa is this year’s UTK, but then i thought i was in danger of joining our loopy eternal optimists, so i discarded it.

    Good luck tonight against Auburn, would love to see you finish 13-1. :)

  2. year2 says:

    Hey don’t joke about that – wasn’t double overtime last year enough? By the time the Gators get to Vandy they’ll be set for a letdown after destroying Georgia. I can remember being at the Vandy game two years ago when the Gators trailed at halftime in Nashville. Florida should be able to win on autopilot, but Bobby Johnson scares me.

  3. PhilipVU94 says:

    Hey, we’ll be big underdogs, but at least we’re unpredictable, and unpredictable is fun.

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