10:35 pm Friday night

Well, it’s the night before the big [BEVERAGE REDACTED] party, and we’re safe and sound at the River House. It has started to rain, and it is forecast to continue through tomorrow morning but finish by game time. I’m the only one still up, and the light of my laptop screen is the only in the house right now. It’s so dark out, it’s amazing. You never notice light pollution as much until you’re completely away from it.

The local channel 4 news talked about the Sideline Student Safety Zones, which are an excellent idea for a game like this one. They’re first aid/general aid stations for people who are lost or have had too much to drink (or too many cheeseburgers, if you ask Charlie Weis). They’ve even made it so that underage students who are intoxicated can come and get aid without fear of legal repercussions. With each of the past two years having alcohol-related deaths, it’s a very good idea.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to breakfast at a small Southern place in Georgia for breakfast before heading into the game. The game plan is, as always, to park at the convention center and take the shuttle in to the stadium. It’s apparently a great place to get out of the city and back north up here. There’s really nothing else to add, and I don’t want to keep anyone up with my light pollution here, plus the screen is attracting some little bugs that got in, with it being the only light source.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


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