Marcus Thomas Thrown off Team

Yes, it’s official – Marcus Thomas has been thrown off the team. Urban Meyer issued a terse, one-sentence statement saying that he didn’t live up to his responsibilities and that he’s gone. I have not heard an explanation as to what the final straw was.

Obviously this is a big blow to the team. Steve Russell on AM850 said that they found out on Friday shortly before going on the plane to Nashville. It’s an even bigger blow to Marcus, who if he kept himself out of trouble could have been a first-day draft pick, if not first round.

I’m going to reserve my comments on the day’s action until it’s over, but I did want to address the Marcus Thomas situation. This is not good for anyone involved.


One Response to Marcus Thomas Thrown off Team

  1. GatorMark says:

    Hey man, great site you got here.

    The Marcus Thomas dismissal is a huge blow to the defense on the field. Even if Marcus wasn’t putting up tackle numbers and sacks, he was still bringing a lot to this defense by plugging up holes and keeping the offenses mind on him.

    By the way, is there any way to get in contact with you via e-mail? I’ve got a couple questions to ask you regarding your site.

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