Preseason Coaches’ Poll

What?! Florida is #3 in the new preseason coaches’ poll. Yes, really. Apparently the coaches think really highly of Urban and especially his defensive staff.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do too, especially Chuck Heater who is a miracle worker as a secondary coach. But still, only two players on the defense have proven anything – Derrick Harvey and Tony Joiner the Sandwich Maker. It’s not that the other guys have been career backups, it’s that they almost haven’t played on anything other than special teams. Florida can earn that #3 spot over the course of the season, but they don’t deserve it right now. And all of this is despite how great the offense will be, because it’s going to be one of the best Florida has seen.

Notable Teams

1. USC

2. LSU

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. Michigan

13. Georgia

14. Auburn

15. Tennessee

20. Arkansas

21. FSU

22. TCU

23. Boise State

24. Hawaii

Conference Breakdown

SEC – 6

Big 12 – 4

Big Ten – 4

Big East – 3

Pac-10 – 3

ACC – 2

WAC – 2

MWC – 1

Other Thoughts

Some people who really need to lighten up are upset about Steve Spurrier voting Duke into his top 25 again. His rationale is “They hired me twice when I had no job.” It’s just a fun tribute to Duke for doing that, and that’s all there is to it.

Well, the USA Today’s managing editor called this tradition “quaint,” but says it has lost its charm, and Grant Teaff, the executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, has said he’s going to talk to Spurrier about it. The concern is that every coach might start putting a favorite old team in the poll when it shouldn’t be there. You should really, really care because after all, the polls help decide the BCS.

First of all, preseason polls are a joke because they’re entirely made of speculation. Second, the preseason poll does not determine the BCS or anything else. And third, Steve has never put Duke in his polls the rest of the year, only the preseason, because he does take it seriously. Plus I’ve never seen another coach do anything similar, so why bother than man about it?

The real issues they should be worried about are how slowly the polls react to surprise teams and the fact that the current system relies on hoping that three major conference teams don’t finish the year undefeated.

GatorZone would like to remind you that since 1991, when USA Today took over administration of the coaches poll, Florida is one of only 5 schools to appear in every preseason poll. The others? FSU, Michigan, Ohio State, and Tennessee.


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