Awesome New Shirt

I was at the Official Gator Sports Shop today getting a copy of the 2007 media when I saw what must be a brand new shirt. I have never seen it before, and it’s not on the OGSS website so it has to be new. Here’s what’s on the front and back:





2 Responses to Awesome New Shirt

  1. Mark says:

    You are one of the biggest idiots i have ever seen. Your so bussy pokin at FSU you can’t even see whats going on at Florida. Your savior Oscar Meyer is breaking recruiting rules. All of a sudden a player’s girlfriend has an offer along with her boyfriend. typicall. your head is so far up Tebow’s ass you see nothign else, but that’s every gator fan. I will be in the stands for the game this year, be ready for your pride to hit the ground harder than tebow.

  2. year2 says:

    Mmhmm, I see. Urban Meyer definitely broke rules, despite the NCAA clearing him of wrongdoing. A recruit’s girlfriend, who was on the gymnastics team at UCLA, getting a gymnastics scholarship is suspicious? I see.

    I can understand the bitterness; after all, you haven’t beat Florida since the Swindle in the Swamp in 2003. I guess Tim Tebow is really going down hard this year, just like how Geno Hayes managed to “shatter his dream” last year. Got it.

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