Schedule Analysis Part 6

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November 24: FSU

I’ve already written over 3900 words in the rest of my schedule analysis, and I could probably write 3900 more about FSU alone. For Gator of my father’s generation, Georgia is Florida’s biggest rival. For fans who grew up in the ‘90s like me, FSU is the main rival and it’s not even close. You’ll run into some people (like Orson) who hate Tennessee the most, and that’s perfectly understandable since UT’s a conference rival, but for most, FSU is the big one every year.

This fact probably stems from the fact that Florida-FSU has been a real rivalry since 1990. You had two charismatic head coaches in Bowden and Spurrier, each the polar opposite of the other. Now you have the new school-old school dynamic with Urban Meyer and Bowden. Both teams have nationally significant, aside from the Ron Zook and Jeff Bowden years. Also, with the exception of 2001, you knew that either team had a chance at winning the game. The series spawned many game with names, like the Choke at Doak, 52-20, the Greatest Game Ever Played in the Swamp, and the Ron Zook Field game.

Now, I was going to fill the rest of this with heckling, half truths, and untruths in a general attempt to besmirch the FSU football program, but since Mickey Andrews’ son unfortunately passed away earlier this month I’ll lay off. Don’t worry, it’ll return later this year. In the meantime, I think I’m almost set here in my new apartment and with my new classes, so that’s good. There’s nothing quite like a new set of circumstances to make you run around everywhere doing errands and meeting people and oh yeah, making sure I’m all set to graduate. That was important.


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