Some Predictions

Here’s some off-the-cuff predictions for the season while we’re all waiting for LSU to thump Mississippi State to kick off the season…

ACC Atlantic: Boston College

ACC Coastal: Virginia Tech

ACC Champ: VT

Big 12 North: Nebraska

Big 12 South: Oklahoma

Big 12 Champ: Oklahoma

Big East Champ: West Virginia

Big Ten Champ: Michigan

Pac 10 Champ: USC

SEC East: Florida


SEC Champ: Florida

BCS At-Larges: LSU, Wisconsin, Louisville, Hawai’i

Heisman Winner: John David Booty

Should be the Heisman Winner: Darren McFadden

Overrated: Texas

Underrated: Oklahoma State

BCS Title Game: USC and Oklahoma

National Champion: Oklahoma

Two days to go ’til Florida football. Go Gators!


2 Responses to Some Predictions

  1. Oklahoma? Good luck. I don’t think they have a chance. I think your Gators could beat them. The Big 12 isn’t that tough this year so maybe you are right. I would much rather see USC, Florida (nah Florida has had enough championships lately, lets give someone else a chance) LSU, Wisconsin, West Virginia.

  2. year2 says:

    Give USC and LSU a chance at a title? What about 2002 and 2003?

    Yeah, Oklahoma isn’t likely to win it since it is starting a redshirt freshman at QB, but it’s better than another USC prediction. I like the defense, I like the coach, and a lot of starters are returning. Why not Oklahoma? No one else knows anything right now anyway.

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