Western Kentucky Wrapup

I hate games like this one against truly awful opponents because if anything goes wrong, it’s a really bad sign, but if anything goes right, you almost have to write it off because of the opponent. There’s not really much to say about the mechanics of the game itself since it went as expected, but here’s a few quick thoughts at the end of the weekend:

-Florida still has problems with mobile quarterbacks. This is as it has been for as long as I can remember. I think it started with Tommy Frazier and we’ve still never recovered.

-Urban Meyer will be frustrated with his running game again. Kestahn Moore only had a couple of runs that looked like they would have gone anywhere against a good defense, and Jarred Fayson didn’t look very good at all. Urban said in his weekly coach’s show that there weren’t any designed QB runs called for Tebow and that Cam Newton would likely be doing those, so his runs were entirely improvised. It’s only one game, but his decision making with those seems to be sound. Chris Rainey looked good on his punt return and Brandon James returns from suspension next week, so there could be hope.
-Percy Harvin needs the ball more. I don’t know if they were just taking it easy with him because he had some tendinitis recently, but he needs to touch the ball more than anyone on the offense outside of Tebow and Drew Miller. Urban said in his show that they plan on getting him the ball more, and I was glad to hear that.

-Andre Caldwell and Riley Cooper are the new Reidel Anthony/Chris Doering combo. Look for them to catch deep balls all season.

-Brandon Spikes is a monster. He and Dustin Doe were all over the place. I don’t know if that’s because they were that good or everyone else wasn’t, but if A.J. Jones can play like them, Florida has nothing to worry about at linebacker.

-Derrick Harvey will get his, but it remains to be seen if anyone else on the defensive line will get more than 2 or 3 sacks apiece over the course of the season.

-The secondary is a legitimate concern. It allowed over 10 yards per completion, and that’s not going to cut it in SEC play, especially since Erik Ainge’s broken finger isn’t affecting him and Matt Stafford looked worlds better against Oklahoma State. Also throw in 5th year seniors Brandon Cox and Matt Flynn, Andre Woodson, Chris Nickson, and Drew Weatherford with a season under a competent quarterbacks coach, and there could be some serious trouble ahead.

-Troy should not give us too much trouble next week after getting railroaded by Arkansas. Key word: should.


4 Responses to Western Kentucky Wrapup

  1. bcsbusters says:

    Which is why I really like the regular season bracketed model I am promoting. I truly believe it will work if I can get knowledegable football fans like yourself to promote it. Florida will be fine. Most likely a 10-2 season, but who knows – Urban will have em ready – and with a few breaks could be back in New Orleans for a double-double repeat like Hoops!

  2. year2 says:

    I have an easier and simpler solution – an 11-game regular season and an 8-team playoff. No team plays more than 14 games in that scenario, except those that must play a conference title game. Keep the bowls for everyone outside the top-8, and pick those 8 with a selection committee, not polls.

    Granted, this plan would experience more resistance than electricity in a rubber boot, but really it is more likely to happen. I might flesh this idea out in a full post later, but not right now.

  3. bcsbusters says:

    Can’t see that happening. The Bowls will never go – It’s too important for college football. I’ve had many 8, 16, 32 team brackets, but it is wishful thinking and would really be a train wreck for college football. There is no simple solution, other than the Plus One, and really this would be bad because nothing would change, the CFA alliance would still exist and instead of having 2 CFA teams we would have four, while many non-CFA up and coming programs would continue to be locked out.

    This is the whole purpose of my book, solving it with the least amount of change while protecting the Bowl platform, maintaining the importance of the regular season and eliminating the controversy. There is no simple solution. Sometimes I wonder why I have taken on this project, but since I have I want to see it though.

  4. year2 says:

    I never said the bowls disappear, they just don’t factor in the national title picture.

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