Poke Gene Stallings

Ever wanted to poke Gene Stallings? Be BFF with Vince Dooley or Pat Dye? What about give a gift to LaVell Edwards to help him cheer up? Well, now thanks to the Master Coaches Survey you can.

If you haven’t heard of the MCS Poll, it is currently done by 17 of college footbal’s best coaches of years past who are now retired. They assign each other games to watch, then hold a conference call to discuss and create the poll. There’s some serious coaching experience putting it together.

I’ve watched this poll for a while now, and it’s always interesting. New this year is the ability to add each of the coaches as a friend on Facebook. Of course, the likelihood that any of these coaches knows what Facebook is beyond the cursory overview that some MCS web developer told them is minimal at best, but hey, why not have fun with it. And yes, I am going to poke Gene Stallings when I get the chance, and I will post evidence forthwith as soon as I can.


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