News and Notes

John Brown was finally cleared to play by the NCAA Clearinghouse, but he almost certainly will be redshirted. He is so far behind, having not been able to practice since preseason camp, that it will take him a while to get into game shape, much less know his assignments and be able to know the schemes fully. Plus, he will need to focus on academics to make sure he doesn’t end up back in the clearinghouse again.

Urban Meyer has said that Percy Harvin is the healthiest he’s been this season, which is good news considering Andre Caldwell will miss the game Saturday. He’s been suffering from tendinitis in his Achilles’ tendon, then later tendinitis in his knee (likely from it trying to compensate). Percy will need to be a big part of the offense this week after the coaches taking it easy on him the last two games.

Urban Meyer has resisted asking everyone to wear the same color for a game but has finally relented. He looked pretty ashamed to be asking everyone to wear blue to the game on Saturday, knowing how ridiculous these things are, but let’s all honor his request. He said it’s because it’s a big recruiting weekend and he wants a distinction between the Florida fans in blue and the Tennessee fans in orange. If Urban wants us to wear blue for recruiting purposes, then why not?


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