Looking Ahead

Before we get to looking ahead, I have to post a picture I took of the best poster at Florida Field this weekend. Actually, it’s a set of two posters, but no matter:

Anyhow, a lot of people are worried about the Ole Miss game this weekend because Florida has had trouble winning in the state of Mississippi lately. Especially so, since the last time we had a 12:30 Eastern kickoff in Oxford we lost in a very poorly-played game.

First, the biggest problem was that Rex Grossman attempted to play the game while hungover. Tim Tebow will not have that problem. Second, Ron Zook’s coaching had a lot to do with it too since he was only able to win one big road game per year. Third, Ole Miss had Eli Manning and David Cutcliffe then. Now, it has Brent Schaeffer and Ed Orgeron. The 2002 Rebels win in both counts.

It’s Urban Meyer’s first road with this young team, and he’s not going to take any chances. It’s Florida’s only chance to get the road experience before heading to LSU on October 6. He’s going to take it very seriously and have them ready to play. The talent gap between Florida and Ole Miss is as wide as it’s ever been, so Florida should win after a slow start.


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