Rankings, Week 5

There’s been a lot less movement in this week’s poll from last week since the sample size of games is growing. There’s a clear divide between the top 5 teams and the teams below in my mind, and so while I don’t feel great about this poll, I feel better than in past weeks.

  1. LSU (NC)
  2. USC (NC)
  3. Oklahoma (NC)
  4. Florida (NC)
  5. West Virginia (NC)
  6. Ohio State (+2)
  7. California (NC)
  8. Boston College (+1)
  9. Rutgers (+1)
  10. Texas  (+2)
  11. Wisconsin (NC)
  12. South Florida (+1)
  13. Oregon (+1)
  14. Kentucky (+2)
  15. Virginia Tech (+3)
  16. South Carolina (-1)
  17. Georgia (+3)
  18. Penn State (-12)
  19. Cincinnati (+2)
  20. Hawaii (+2)
  21. Clemson (+3)
  22. Alabama (-5)
  23. Arizona State (+3)
  24. Michigan State (+2)
  25. Missouri (+1)

Dropped out: Louisville (-6),  Texas A&M (-3), Arkansas (-1)

There was no movement in the top 5 because there was nothing that happened this weekend that leads me to believe that a change needed to be made.

Ohio State moves up to 6 because it’s becoming clear that classic Tresselball is back and OSU is the class of the Big Ten again. Cal stays at 7, but I don’t really feel good about that since the only reason Cal is ranked this high is the big win over Tennessee, and that win looks less and less impressive as time goes on. BC and Rutgers move up a spot due to Penn State’s fall. Texas moves up two spots because of PSU’s fall and I don’t trust Wisconsin.

Wisconsin remains at 11, but I can’t tell if they are winning close because they are good or winning close because they are bad. USF and Oregon move up a spot due to Penn State’s fall. Kentucky gains two spots thanks to PSU and South Carolina sliding. Virginia Tech moves up 3 places because as time passes after that bad loss to LSU, it’s apparent that VT isn’t that bad.

South Carolina drops a spot, but not more because if LSU really does kick the field goal instead of faking it, then South Carolina goes for it on 4th down instead of kicking its field goal and probably makes it, and then suddenly the game could have gone either way. Georgia moves up after beating Alabama in Bryant-Denny, but it can’t jump South Carolina since the Dogs lost to the Gamecocks. Penn State lands at 18 after losing in the most boring way possible to a mediocre (for now) Michigan team. Cincinnati and Hawaii move up thanks to Alabama and Louisville falling.

Clemson moves up three thanks to Alabama, Louisville, and Texas A&M falling. Alabama lands at 22 since its win over Arkansas has less credibility now and it needs to get some more wins to get some more credibility. Arizona State, Michigan State, and Missouri crack the bottom of the poll because they are undefeated, but I don’t really care what order they’re in. It really doesn’t matter since there’s no way to differentiate them and all of them will likely lose in the next week or two.


One Response to Rankings, Week 5

  1. flavornate says:

    LSU without a doubt the best defense in the country, although west virginia there still a top 3 team. And Darren McFadden from Arkansas the best running back in the country.

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