Name That Heisman Candidate

Everyone likes playing comparison games where you replace team or player names with letters to disguise them and prevent bias from entering the equation. Today, I’m going to do that with running backs. Who do you think is having the best season so far?

Player A (5 games)

  • Carries: 157
  • Yards: 761
  • Average: 4.8 yards/carry; 152.2 yards/game
  • Rushing TDs: 7
  • Receptions: 3
  • Yards: 18
  • Average: 6 yards/catch; 3.6 yards/game
  • Receiving TDs: 0
  • Average Opposing Rushing Defense Rank: 59.5
  • Average Opposing Yards/Game: 147.3

Player B (4 games)

  • Carries: 105
  • Yards: 657
  • Average: 6.3 yards/carry; 164.25 yards/game
  • Rushing TDs: 6
  • Receptions: 7
  • Yards: 56
  • Average: 8 yards/catch; 14 yards/game
  • Receiving TDs: 0
  • Average Opposing Rushing Defense Rank: 95.75
  • Average Opposing Yards/Game: 214.7

Player C (4 games)

  • Carries: 117
  • Yards: 713
  • Average: 6.1 yards/carry; 178.25 yards/game
  • Rushing TDs: 10
  • Receptions: 4
  • Yards: 57
  • Average: 14.25 yards/catch; 14.25 yards/game
  • Receiving TDs: 0
  • Average Opposing Rushing Defense Rank: 80.75
  • Average Opposing Yards/Game: 186.48

I think you can make the case that Player C is having the best year, especially when you consider that defensive stats for Player A do not include the I-AA opponent he has played. Players B and C look about even if you look at averages, but Heisman voters look at raw numbers more than averages and in that department, Player C wins for having 56 more yards and 4 more TDs. Plus, Player B has faced the weakest defenses of them all.

Who are these masked men? Player A is Mike Hart. Player B is Darren McFadden. Player C is Kevin Smith, who plays for UCF. I have to believe that if the Knights had pulled off the upset against Texas, we’d be hearing about Smith as a dark horse Heisman candidate. It just goes to show, sometimes the best players are not where you’d expect them to be.


5 Responses to Name That Heisman Candidate

  1. Al says:

    Interesting, but I my interpretation of the Heisman (if there is any way of actually figuring out how people vote for this award) is “If you had to pick one player to start your team, who would it be?” Of the three that you are on that list I think there is no question that you pick McFadden. That being said the numbers are pretty interesting, and give a good perspective on each of their seasons so far…

  2. year2 says:

    Best as I can tell from the Heisman trophy website, it’s an award for the most outstanding college football player. I haven’t seen Smith play, so it’s hard for me to accurately pick between the three. McFadden is more explosive, but Hart is a workhorse who never fumbles.

  3. Bob says:

    And the best part about that is that Kevin only has played 4 games while Hart and McFadden have 5.

  4. UCFguy says:

    from a UCF fan…Smith is an explosive workhorse. First snap from scrimmage this year was an 80 yard TD run vs. NC State (talk about a good start). Plus he has not fumbled (recovered or lost) in his career to this point.

    see stats:

  5. year2 says:

    Bob – McFadden has only played 4 games. The Hogs had a bye Week 2.

    UCFGuy – thanks for the info. I’ll have to try to record one of their games if SunSports replays them. I’ll be checking the TV guide on my DVR.

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