The Unbeatens

I did this Thursday of last week, but decided to do it today since it needed to be done to try to hack together my rankings tomorrow. I changed the Solid but Unspectacular category to Could be a Contender since I think that’s a more accurate name. Like last week, teams are listed alphabetically within the categories.

Looking Good

This is the category for elite teams that appear to have legitimate national title shots right now.

  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • USC

USC was in danger of dropping out of this category with the near-collapse at Washington. LSU seemed a bit groggy for their 11:00 am local time kickoff, and Ohio State was its normal, methodical self in slowly beating Minnesota into submission. With the Big Ten looking worse by the week, Ohio State’s defense could carry it to another unbeaten regular season.

Could be a Contender

  • California
  • Kentucky
  • South Florida

California moves into this category after beating Oregon, but their defense is way too bad to put the Golden Bears into the Looking Good category. If Oregon doesn’t turn the ball over 4 times, Cal likely goes home with a loss. Kentucky remains here after drubbing FAU at home. Kentucky will remain here as long as it keeps winning until it’s murderous back-to-back games at LSU and versus Florida. If the Wildcats win the first, they move up, and if they wins both, I’ll rank them #1. South Florida moves here after beating West Virginia, but they don’t feel like a national title contender just yet. There were far too many turnovers in that game to feel secure about the Bulls right now.

Wishing the Signature Win Looked Better

  • Arizona State (Oregon State)
  • Boston College (Georgia Tech)
  • Cincinnati (Oregon State)

Oregon State’s two unbeaten vanquishers remain here after beating no one of note over the weekend. For Cincinnati, it was San Diego State; for Arizona State it was Stanford. Cincinnati can move out by beating Rutgers; Arizona State will have to wait until October 27 when it plays Cal to move out. BC was downright unimpressive for beating UMass by just 10, but the Georgia Tech win suddenly looks better. BC probably won’t move out until and unless it beats Virginia Tech.

Ain’t Beat Nobody

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Purdue
  • Wisconsin

UConn beat Akron; Hawaii beat Idaho; Kansas and Missouri were off; Purdue played Notre Dame; Wisconsin edged Michigan State. Wisconsin is living dangerously on the margins. The Badgers don’t even really compare to the Gators of last year because at least UF beat its weak nonconference foes by a substantial margin.


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