Rankings, Week 6

Any time you have a Saturday full of big upsets, the polls for the following week are always a little messed up. They are like a transition state for a radioactive element, such as when Radon-220 turns into Polonium-216 for about 0.145 seconds before turning into Lead-212. I am a firm believer that in college football the cream rises to the top, and everything regresses to the mean. The poll should look a lot different 2 or 3 weeks from now.

  1. LSU (NC)
  2. Ohio State (+4)
  3. USC (-1)
  4. South Florida (+8)
  5. California (+2)
  6. Kentucky (+8)
  7. Boston College (+1)
  8. Florida (-4)
  9. West Virginia (-4)
  10. Oklahoma (-7)
  11. Wisconsin (NC)
  12. South Carolina (+4)
  13. Georgia (+4)
  14. Oregon (-1)
  15. Virginia Tech (NC)
  16. Cincinnati (+3)
  17. Kansas State (+10)
  18. Texas (-8)
  19. Rutgers (-10)
  20. Hawaii (NC)
  21. Arizona State (+2)
  22. Missouri (+3)
  23. Purdue (+3)
  24. Kansas (+2)
  25. Auburn (+1)

Dropped Out: Penn State (-8), Clemson (-5), Michigan State (-2)

The top 6 teams are from the Looking Good and Could be a Contender categories from my analysis of the unbeaten teams yesterday. They are ranked roughly in order of defensive performance, because as you know, Defense Wins Championships™. Really, Ohio State jumped USC because the Trojans tried really hard to give the game away to Washington, while Ohio State put its boot on Washington’s neck and slowly shifted more weight on it as the game went on. That’s Tresselball, folks. It’s 2002 again in Columbus.

Brian Robiskie adds some flavor to the otherwise bran flakes and shredded wheat Ohio State offense.

Boston College, one of my sleeper picks, proudly comes in at 7. Three former inhabitants of the Looking Good category come in 8 – 10, ranked in order of whose loss looked the best. Change four plays, and UF beats Auburn 24 – 10. Change four plays, and West Virginia still can’t run on USF. Oklahoma lost to the worst team of the three, so they’re 10.

Ah, the last-second field goal. Bane of favorites everywhere.

Wisconsin holds steady at 11 because I refuse to believe it’s a top ten team. The Badgers have beaten no one, and they’ve looked bad doing so. South Carolina moves up to 12, but that’s too high. Georgia moves up to 13, but that’s probably too high as well. Oregon only falls a spot because the Ducks outplayed Cal in everything but turnovers. Virginia Tech holds at 15, but who have they really beaten?

Oregon had a rough weekend. So did ESPN’s proofreaders.

Cincinnati is scandalously overrated at 16, but it’s the week after Crazy Upset Day so anything goes. Kansas State debuts at 17 for its win over Texas and the fact that its Auburn loss doesn’t look so bad. Texas falls to 18, appropriately so since the Longhorns lost to Kansas State. You know, pollsters, on the field, where the actual football happens. Rutgers falls all the way down to 19, and if it weren’t for Ray Rice I’d probably have them out of the poll altogether. Hawaii remains at 20. June Jones says that this year is the best defensive squad he’s ever had, but that’s like saying that something is the most secure Microsoft operating system ever. It’s still no good until it can prove itself against someone better than Idaho.

Kansas State in the Texas endzone. A common occurrence last weekend.

Arizona State, Missouri, Purdue, and Kansas get the next four spots for being unbeaten, but none have played anyone so they go no farther. Auburn returns at 25, since its Kansas State loss looks a lot better, and for the big win over Florida.

While this isn’t a touchdown (though it was called a touchdown by the refs), they’d have just put in in on the next play. On a slant route. @#$% Auburn.


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