Joiner No Longer a Captain

The sad story continues.

Urban Meyer has said that Tony Joiner is no longer a captain on the team, and will not play in games as long as he is charged with a felony. He did practice today but was off-limits to reporters. The owner of Watson’s Towing will not press charges, but the state might still go ahead with the case if it believes a crime was committed. It could take up to 30 days before that decision is made.

In essence, Tony is not playing against LSU. With the glacial pace that the state government moves here, Tony could be missing several games. Dorian Munroe, who has been playing spot duty at corner from time to time this year, is his backup and will start opposite Kyle Jackson or Major Wright.

Tony had been in and out of trouble during the Zook years, but he’s had a real change since Urban Meyer took over. This incident, blown out of proportion thought it may be, is still an unfortunate incident and Tony should have known better. GPD should have known better too, considering that the owner of Watson’s said that a girl stole her car out of the lot three weeks ago and didn’t get arrested for it.

I’m still unsure as to why the guy who called the police couldn’t have just taken the $76 that Tony had brought to get the car out. I have yet to see any good reason for that. Not to mention the fact that the guy who called the police told the dispatcher that “GPD needs to step it up, please,” with a noticeable attitude in his voice. What kind of person tries to give snarky orders to the police over the phone? There’s a reason why tow company employees have extremely bad reputations in Gainesville.


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