See You Tomorrow

I have a test at 4:00 and a packed evening the rest of the way, so this will be the only update of the day. Kirk Herbstreit was on Heath Cline’s show, and he thinks Florida has a real good chance to win. Pat Dooley came on in the second half and was complete doom-and-gloom, figuring that Florida has no shot. Well, with Rice knocking off Southern Miss last night, we may be in for another crazy weekend.

South Carolina and Kentucky play for the lead in the SEC East (which is so weird so say) tonight, which should be a great game. UK is higher ranked, but I think South Carolina is favored, go figure. Will the Gamecocks’ defense be good enough to slow down Andre’ Woodson and the Wildcats enough for Chris Smelley to win the game? We’ll find out. South Carolina winning helps us out more, so I’ll be rooting for the old ball coach tonight.

As I said, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Gators pregame writeup, and possibly another coach show review. Go Gamecock, and Go Gators.


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