These are my ESPN College Pick ‘EM Picks, and as always, they are listed in order from 10 points to 1. I only got three correct last week, but I actually moved up in the standings from the 84th percentile to the 87th percentile. No one did well last week.

Miami over North Carolina

Ohio State over Purdue

Oklahoma over Texas

Virginia Tech over Clemson

Georgia over Tennessee

Nebraska over Missouri

Rutgers over Cincinnati

Kansas State over Kansas

Florida over LSU

Illinois over Wisconsin

Season: 29-21, .580; 189 points of 275 possible (69%), 87.8th percentile in game

You’ll note that I picked almost every undefeated team to lose. ESPN is calling this Gut-Check Saturday; I think it’s Regression to the Mean Saturday. A lot of these unbeaten teams aren’t that good, and it’s time for some of them to take on the first of their probable several losses.

Also, anyone notice how placid the LSU fans are at GameDay? In 2003 when I was there, they were like that the whole game after we took the lead. Kind of worked up sometimes, but mostly quiet. If we can get an early lead, the crowd will flat-out disappear tonight.


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