A Couple Things

First, FSU is still worthless. The Semis managed to lose at Wake Forest despite them wanting revenge for the 30-0 beat down they received from the Deacs at Doak last year. So much for Xavier Lee being the answer to all the problems. The classic Xavier Lee meltdown is half complete, with him going 24-44 and 2 interceptions last night. All that’s left is a 3 INT + a fumble or two and him getting yanked for Drew Weatherford in the 3rd quarter, who will promptly lead a drive that stalls out in the red zone for a field goal.

In other news, security is being stepped up in Lexington for this weekend’s LSU-Kentucky game after complaints of unruly fan behavior after UK beat Louisville earlier this season.

“We all want to celebrate the success of our winning football team, but we want to do it in a way that is safe for everyone and respects our neighborhoods,” said Lexington mayor Jim Newberry.

In other words, they can handle 24,000 crazy Wildcat fans leaving Rupp, but not 70,000 leaving Commonwealth Stadium after a big win. Speaking of Rupp, apparently the LSU team is staying in the hotel connected to Rupp Arena, and tonight will be the “Big Blue Madness” celebration there. That means the Tiger players could be (read: will be) disturbed all evening by rowdy basketball fans making noise in the area and the surrounding area all night. Luckily for them, it’s a 3:30 game.


2 Responses to A Couple Things

  1. bryantdrive says:

    Something tells me fans of the Big Blue won’t have anything to celebrate about this weekend except for the start of basketball season.

    Have a great weekend,

    Bryant Drive

  2. year2 says:

    Probably so, although each of LSU’s last three opponents have found ways to move the ball on them. Kentucky will give them a good game as long as Woodson doesn’t melt down again, but UK plays no defense whatsoever, so LSU will score more than enough points to win.

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