Name That Heisman Candidate, Part II

Player A

Passing: 115/174, 66.09%, 1711 yards, 17 TDs, 3 INT

177.5 Passer Efficiency, #1 overall

Rushing: 125 rushes, 578 net yards (4.26 average), 10 TDs

2289 Total Yards

Player B

Passing: 138/199, 69.35%, 1728 yards, 16 TDs, 3 INT

165.8 Passer Efficiency, #5 overall

Rushing: 75 rushes, 416 net yards, (5.55 average), 7 TDs

2144 Total Yards


Can you guess who is who?

A lot of you probably keep up with some stats like passer efficiency and already know that Tim Tebow is #1 in passer efficiency so that gives away who Player A is.

Player B, though, is Dennis Dixon, Oregon’s QB. As you can see, the stats for the two are nearly identical. If Oregon wins out, then Dixon will win the Heisman because he is not just Oregon’s QB, but Oregon’s senior QB. You can argue if you want whether or not Oregon will win out, but the point I want to make is that Tim Tebow has not locked up the Heisman by any stretch of the imagination, despite him finishing in everyone’s top two this week. Florida being a more visible east coast team helps Tim, but Oregon has enough high-profile games left (USC, etc.) that Dixon still has a legit shot.

Given even stats like they have now, and Oregon having one fewer loss than Florida has, Dixon would win due to being a senior.


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