SSOS This Week

On my travels, I found enough time to cobble together the SSOS for this week. Top 25:

  1. Notre Dame (NC)
  2. Washington (NC)
  3. Colorado (+2)
  4. FIU (+5)
  5. Ole Miss (+1)
  6. Nebraska (+2)
  7. Stanford (-3)
  8. Auburn (-5)
  9. Washington State (-2)
  10. Tennessee (NC)
  11. Duke (+4)
  12. Maryland (+13)
  13. UNLV (+4)
  14. Syracuse (+4)
  15. San Diego State (+12)
  16. USF (+5)
  17. Iowa State (+6)
  18. California (+4)
  19. LSU (NC)
  20. Kentucky (-8)
  21. Utah State (-7)
  22. NC State (+8)
  23. Oregon (+24)
  24. Oklahoma State (NC)
  25. Florida (+6)

Full List: 10-27-07.pdf

Average SSOS By Losses

It’s a little more noisy now, but the huge gap between the unbeatens and everyone else is very apparent. Ohio State improved to 79th with its game against Penn State, but the other four undefeated teams are still in the triple digits. Arizona State stands to improve the most this week with its game against Oregon, but it will also have the toughest test with its game against Oregon.

The best 1-loss teams clearly are LSU and Oregon because they each have top quintile schedules (18 and 23, respectively) and they are just taking care of business with only a 3 overtime loss and a bizarre fumble through the endzone keep them from being undefeated.

Biggest Movers

The week’s biggest gainers:

  1. Rutgers (+49) played West Virginia last week
  2. Virginia Tech (+39) Boston College
  3. Penn State (+35) Ohio State
  4. Texas A&M (+34) Kansas
  5. Northwestern (+31) Purdue
  6. Fresno State (+30) Boise State
  7. Georgia (+27) Florida
  8. New Mexico State (+27) Hawaii
  9. UTEP (+27) Houston
  10. Arkansas State (+25) Troy

Biggest Fallers:

  1. Navy (-56) Played Delaware (I-AA) last week
  2. Louisiana Tech (-46) Utah State
  3. BYU (-30) San Diego State
  4. Arkansas (-27) FIU
  5. Buffalo (-24) Akron
  6. FSU (-23) Duke
  7. MTSU (-23) North Texas
  8. Rice (-23) Marshall
  9. Missouri (-21) Iowa State
  10. Utah (-21) Colorado State

SSOS by Conference

Total Average SSOS for all 119 Teams: 64.66

Best Schedule: Ole Miss, 3rd overall, score of 47.31

Worst Schedule: Arkansas, 108th, 74.44

Average SOS Rank: 37.83

Average SOS Score: 59.20

Best Schedule: Washington, 2nd overall, score of 41.88

Worst Schedule: USC, 110th, 75.41

Average SOS Rank: 40.20

Average SOS Score: 58.93

Best Schedule: Colorado, 3rd overall, score of 44.69

Worst Schedule: Kansas, 112nd, 76.66

Average SOS Rank: 47.67

Average SOS Score: 61.48

Best Schedule: Duke, 11th overall, score of 54.34

Worst Schedule: Boston College, 105th, 74.03

Average SOS Rank: 54.67

Average SOS Score: 63.99

Best Schedule: Illinois, 33rd overall, score of 60.83

Worst Schedule: Wisconsin, 85th, 69.19

Average SOS Rank: 55.91

Average SOS Score: 64.70

Best Schedule: Syracuse, 14th overall, score of 54.56

Worst Schedule: UConn, 109th, 74.63

Average SOS Rank: 56.63

Average SOS Score: 63.92

Everyone improved over last week. Even the teams at the bottom have better scores, even if their ranks didn’t improve much. The SEC and Pac 10 split the title this week, as the SEC had a better average rank, but the Pac 10 had a better average score. How’d that happen? Washington. The Huskies are a bit of an outlier with their 41.88 score. The entire list has no significant gaps except between the top 3 teams and #4, and between #117 and #118 Memphis, and then again between Memphis and #119 Hawaii. The conferences themselves have bunched up though, so the order could be volatile from here on out.


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