This Just Happened

College GameDay, at the Amherst vs. Williams game:

“You see this? This is a Lord Jeff!” (unintelligible yelling at the crowd behind, tosses Lord Jeff off camera in front of Kirk)

“Purple Cows! Go Purple Cows!

Mighty strange things happen when GameDay visits a D-III game.

Lee Corso + Dilapidated Purple Cow Head = Funny. You’d think they could have spruced it up a bit for GameDay, though in fairness, Lord Jeff’s wig was a little ragged too.


2 Responses to This Just Happened

  1. Kate Fleming says:


    This is probably the funniest thing ever to happen on College Gameday, and I’m wondering, is there any way we/you can figure out Lee Corso’s unintelligible yelling? Do you have any sources? I’m really itching to know….


  2. year2 says:

    I’ve listened to the recording several times, and I just can’t make it out precisely. It’s something along the lines of “Yeah! How do you like that!”

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