A Couple Things

The past two weeks involved Florida beating down a team that was undermanned, outplayed, and outcoached. The same scenario is in store for today, so there’s not really much to say.


As for the Heisman, Dennis Dixon is done. He tore his ACL against Arizona State, and while he tried to play the rest of the season he’s definitely done now and is headed for surgery.

One of Tim Tebow’s most impressive stats is his record-setting 42 total touchdowns. It’s been widely reported that his total is more than 85 teams in Div. I-A. Well, he’s also averaging 4.20 TDs/game, which is better than 88 Div.I-A teams.

At this point, I truly believe the award comes down to Tim Tebow, who is the frontrunner now, Darren McFadden, and Chase Daniel. ESPN, you can keep your Colt Brennans, Pat Whites, and Cullen Harpers. McFadden can win it by coming up big in an upset over LSU; Chase Daniel can win it by leading Missouri to three more wins and an appearance in the national title game (!).

After the weekend’s games are over, I’ll do a more in-depth Heisman look if I have the time. For now, Go Gators!


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