ESPN Bowl Special on Florida

Here’s a video of ESPN’s Bowl Special full of glowing praise of Florida and Tim Tebow. An interview with Tebow was included as well. Can we put to rest the myth that ESPN hates Florida now?


7 Responses to ESPN Bowl Special on Florida

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  2. joederbes says:

    I never really believed that ESPN hated Florida. However, as a Georgia fan I have been disappointed by the way ESPN has handled us over the years. The events of the previous weekend, with ESPN coming out and saying that Georgia was not fit to play in the national championship despite being ranked No. 4 behind two teams that lost, because they did not reach their conference championship, only serve to confirm me in that opinion.

  3. V.Jay Kendall says:

    My roommate showed this to me last night and now I have the link to see the whole thing thousands of times.

    Nice blog you have going. Its better cause its a Gator blog by a current UF (grad)student.

    Go Gators, beat those Wolverines…. Good Luck Tebow with the He15man.

  4. magzalez says:

    I don’t think ESPN has learned to love Florida. They have just been swept off their feet, and rightfully so, by Tim “The Tool Man” Tebow. plus this seems like another chance for Lou Holtz to glorify Michigan

  5. year2 says:

    Joe – after Nebraska in 2001, everyone in college football agreed that you should be a conference winner in order to go to the national title game. That unwritten rule was tested last year with Florida and Michigan, and it was ultimately confirmed.

    I can’t speak to whether or not the WWL has a bias against your Dawgs, but I can tell you in this case, it had nothing to do with Georgia specifically and everything to do with the unwritten must-win-conference-to-go-to-title-game rule established in early 2002.

  6. skerr says:

    yeah i love tebow, hope he wins 3 in a row, but someone oughta inform him that tommie frazier never won the heisman

  7. gators411 says:

    Three in a row will be tough Skerr, I am sure he will be gone next year. To much to risk on a Senior season, espically when he got the Heisman. If they get the bcs champ next year, ya for sure he will be gone.

    Tim Tebow fan forever!

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