Trophy Day

Three trophies for Tim Tebow the Cheat!

Tonight is the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and by all accounts Tim Tebow will win it. He’s already won the Davey O’Brien and the Maxwell Award, and for him to take home the Heisman would be a great ending to an amazing season. No one deserves it more than Tim does, and I fully expect him to make history tonight.

Unfortunately, I am not in a place with cable at the moment, so I will not be able to watch the ceremony tonight. I have it recording on my DVR back home, so I will get to see it when I get back to Florida. That’s fine though, since most of the show is fluff-ridden biopics of each candidate. I can live without yet another ESPN piece on Colt Brennan, considering there’s been one nearly every week on College GameDay.

Congrats, Tim. You’ve earned it.


2 Responses to Trophy Day

  1. gators411 says:

    Got old watching the Colt piece of Colt on the Beach showing his run and shoot offence. I wouldnt have minded if DM got it, but if Colt got it… I would have never gone to Hawaii for vacation again.

    Tim Tebow fan forever!

  2. Keep up the good work Tim…and good luck next year.

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