Coach Contracts

I just discovered a wealth of fascinating information: the USA Today has every publicly available Div. I-A coaching contract compiled for easy reference. Perhaps I’m woefully late to this wagon train, but as I just about never read anything by the USA Today I think I can be excused for that. Now, these things are generally unreadable legalese, but there’s some great stuff in these and I’m going to go through some and pull out the interesting tidbits so you don’t have to. Hey, sometimes you gotta reach for content in the offseason.

I’m going to begin with the SEC, and if there’s any demand beyond that I’ll do more. Bobby Johnson‘s contract with Vanderbilt is unavailable since Vandy is a private school. For some reason the Mississippi schools didn’t release their coaches’ contracts either despite them being public institutions; it’s strange because Southern Miss did release Jeff Bower‘s old deal, so it’s not some quirk in Mississippi state law that prevents those contracts from being public. Also, nothing has been updated after this winter’s coaching carousel, so for example Arkansas still just has Nutt’s old deal rather than Petrino’s contract.

I’m going to do them in alphabetical order, so when the first one goes up this evening it’s going to involve two controversy magnets: Alabama and Nick Saban.


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