Hawaii QB Graunke to Miss Some of Training Camp

Here’s a bit of news on UF’s first opponent.

Hawai’i QB Tyler Graunke, the guy who everyone assumes will start this fall, is going to miss part of training camp to “resolve a personal issue.”

New head coach Greg McMackin pointed out that Graunke is not suspended, and the fact that Graunke has been talking to the press about it means it’s probably not a legal issue either. Both declined to specify what it is.

I have no idea what this is or what it could be, but it does hamper things in the islands a bit. Graunke is technically not the starter yet since the coaching staff called him and redshirt junior Inoke Funaki “co-No. 1 quarterbacks.” He was Colt Brennan’s designated backup under June Jones though, so he has some game experience. Plus, the fact he’s a fifth year senior probably means he’ll be the starter in Gainesville no matter what the coaches want us to believe.

I hope whatever it is gets cleared up well for him, but this is not a good thing for the Warriors. They’re replacing their best quarterback ever, their best head coach ever, and their top four receivers from last season. Distractions are probably not what they need right now.

Not that it will matter anyway.

(H/T: Da Wiz)


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