Gators Officially Favored Against Miami

The Gators are officially favored against Miami, but you knew that’d be coming. How much? According to Da Wiz, the line is 21.5 points in Florida’s favor.

I don’t believe in point spreads as the end all be all of previewing a game since they’re not designed to be accurate, but rather to get an equal number of people putting money on each side of the line. However, it’s a quick and dirty way of getting a gauge on public sentiment about the game.

Three touchdowns isn’t bad, though like with the Hawai’i game I’d take Florida to cover if I was a betting man. Miami has some offensive weapons, but Florida has some defensive weapons this season too. There’s just too much youth on the ‘Canes for me to think they’ll stay in it for more than three quarters.

Maybe some garbage time scores will keep the Gators from covering. I don’t know, that’s one reason why I don’t bet on games. However full throttle for four quarters, I think Florida is more than three scores better than Miami.


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