Miami is Talking

Louis Murphy got himself a gag order by talking about Miami, but no such things are being passed out down in Coral Gables.

Just from one Miami Herald column alone, we get:

“We want to show them the University of Miami still rules the state of Florida. We wanted the game at 8 o’clock. Let all the other games get out the way and everybody else can see us play. I believe it’s zero and six lately for Florida. We want to keep it that way. We plan on winning this game.” –Center Xavier Shannon, Randy’s son

“That’s what they have to worry about. We feel [our offensive line] can dominate anyone in the country, and that’s what we plan on doing.” -Xavier Shannon again, on running backs Graig Cooper and Javarris James

“Are they going to be able to match up with our defense?” -Safety Anthony Reddick, on Florida’s offensive speed

“Insulting” -Reddick, on the 21.5-point spread on the game

“Charleston Southern helped us find out whether or not we can play with a team of Florida’s caliber.” -True freshman QB Jacory Harris

I shouldn’t need to discuss how preposterous most of these are.

Just keep talking, ‘Canes. Ask Geno Hayes how well that went last year.


One Response to Miami is Talking

  1. SC_Gator says:

    Ok, any time you are using a team from a small christian college like Charleston Southern to judge your ability to play a top 5 ranked team like Florida in their home… you have got some serious issues. Boasting about it just makes you look even dumber.

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