Vanderbilt Bowl Watch?

With Vandy now sitting at 2-0, it’s worth a minute to look at the Commodores’ schedule to see if they have a shot to break their 25-year streak of not having a winning season and actually become bowl eligible.

Rice on 9/13, Mississippi State on 10/11, Duke on 10/25, and Kentucky on 11/15 appear to be the most winnable games from here on out. Ole Miss on 9/20 and Tennessee on 11/22 aren’t completely out of the question depending on how good Nutt’s Rebels turn out to be and whether the Vols play like they did against UCLA all season. I mean, Vandy did only lose to Georgia by three and Tennessee by one a season ago.

One of the biggest problems in Nashville has been a lack of confidence. They just have that feeling like, “OK, what’s going to happen this time?” Reports from the game indicate though that the Commodores expected to win this one, and they certainly played like it.

It’s important not to get too carried away by one game. South Carolina played much of the game without its best playmaker, Kenny McKinley. However, instead of going all conservative with a second half lead, Bobby Johnson kept pressuring the Gamecocks to extend his lead from 17-10 to 24-10. That is something new and different that hasn’t always happened.

There was no fourth quarter meltdown. There was no critical special teams breakdown. Maybe a bowl could happen after all.


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  1. […] sure looks like I was right to put Vandy on bowl watch after all. They should be able to pick up at least one win among games against Mississippi State, […]

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