Your Official Overhyped SEC Story of the Early Season Is…

The Stephen Garcia watch at South Carolina.

Steve Spurrier announced that Chris Smelley and Tommy Beecher both will be preparing to play on Saturday, though he didn’t promise a two quarterback system. When asked about Garcia, Steve said that he’s not ready and not in the plans for this weekend.

This should come as no shock to people who know Spurrier’s system well. Yes, it needs a good quarterback and yes, Garcia probably has the most talent of anyone on the Gamecock roster. However it also needs that quarterback to practice a lot, as the scheme is heavily based on timing. Thanks to his off-field problems and suspensions, Garcia has missed a lot of practice during his time in Columbia.

Despite those facts, nearly everyone who has commented on South Carolina the past few months has said it’s only a matter of time before we see Garcia play, and his appearance would likely come early in the season. Turns out they underestimated how big a world-class knucklehead Garcia is and how much time it takes to be prepared to run the Fun ‘n Gun Cock ‘n Fire.

In other words, I wouldn’t expect to see Garcia play before October at the earliest, barring injuries or an apocalypse against Georgia this weekend. So much for the Stephen Garcia Watch, now into its second year and counting.


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