Weekend’s Best Game May Have Just Ended

Kansas and South Florida may have just turned in the best game of the weekend. Todd Reesing and Matt Grothe each played well, both teams racked up points, and even as USF’s defense was crumbling down the stretch, Georgie Selvie finally stepped up and made his presence felt.

Kansas owned the first half as USF’s offense had trouble getting going. The script was flipped in the third quarter as USF shut down the Jayhawks’ offense and the Bulls went on a scoring spree. USF would take a 34-20 lead at one point.

KU came roaring back using both sides of the ball, and Reesing made some incredible plays while just scrambling around looking for an open man. The announcers said he was like Fran Tarkenton, but since I’m a Gator and as such the world expects me to think football began in 1990, I’ll say he was like a miniature Matt Jones. I do mean miniature – Jones is 6’5″, while Reesing is 5’11” in cleats.

Just as it appeared Kansas was driving down for the winning field goal with under a minute to go, Reesing made his first mistake. He heaved one deep ball to many, and USF picked it off and returned it to within field goal range. After winding the clock down, the Bulls just barely put it through the uprights as time expired.

This was a magnificent game, and the only turnover was the one interception at the end.

I still don’t fully trust Grothe after seeing this one though. He made a freshman mistake by throwing the ball after passing the line of scrimmage on USF’s second to last drive, something that led to a punt that set up Kansas’ final drive. A great quarterback doesn’t make that kind of mistake in crunch time.

Still, it was a highly entertaining game, perhaps more so than anything we get on Saturday. Let’s hope not, but it set the bar pretty high for entertainment and excitement factor. Almost as exciting as a hurricane to a bear:


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