Harvin to be “Cut Loose”

Here’s a scary thought for opposing coaches: Percy Harvin feels better than he has since 10th grade.

It was obvious by the box score that the coaches took it easy on Harvin in the Miami game. He had just five rushes and one reception. It made sense; he wasn’t fully healthy and they didn’t need the help against the offensively impotent Hurricanes.

Well, with this past week off to get healthy, Harvin is set to go. He is pain-free for the first time since high school, and Percy says the coaches told him they will “cut him loose.”

Before getting the heel surgery, it felt “like somebody stabbing me in the back of my foot,” and it caused other knee and muscle injuries as well as hampered him in the weight room. Ideally with the root problem fixed, he will not contract those nagging injuries like tendinitis that have slowed him in his time at Florida.

Last week, Meyer said he’s hoping to get Emmanuel Moody into the game playing a big role to help out the running game. Honestly, I have a feeling that a healthy Harvin will do more to that end. He looks like an NFL running back, is listed as a RB/WR on the Gators’ roster, and has more than shown an ability to be game breaker from the backfield.

Tennessee may never know what hits them.


One Response to Harvin to be “Cut Loose”

  1. SC_Gator says:

    From what I was reading about it elsewhere, it is entirely possible he never really even had tendinitis and it was a misdiagnosis caused by his heel issues causing tendinitis type symptoms and pain.

    If there is any truth to that then suddenly he ability to stay healthy seems far more likely.

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