SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 3

1. Florida

When faced with a tough, disruptive Miami defense, Florida’s offense was able to adjust and explode in the fourth quarter. When faced with the same thing against South Carolina, Georgia’s offense was not able to adjust and explode in the fourth quarter. That is the difference between the Gators and Bulldogs right now.

2. LSU

They haven’t played anyone yet, but they’ve put up the monster numbers that you’d expect them to. They didn’t seem to have any ill effects from the Hurricane Gustav-related distractions and destruction, which is a credit to Les Miles.

3. Georgia

When Stafford isn’t hitting his deep throws and Moreno isn’t finding gaping holes, the Bulldog offense looks awfully ordinary. The defense is still as tough and good as you’d expect though.

4. Alabama

The Tide dispatched WKU with the kind of authority they should have shown against Tulane. Of course, consistency is usually the last thing to come to young teams.

5. Auburn

Tigers 3 – Bulldogs 2

W – Tuberville (3-0)

L – Croom (1-2)

S – McFadden (1)

The Spread Eagle offense was a certified clunker but the defense is just plain nasty. These guys will have to win like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens if they plan on doing much.

6. Ole Miss

Two turnovers prevented the final score from getting out of hand, but there was no slipping up against Samford. As is almost universally the case, we learned nothing from a win over a I-AA opponent.

7. Tennessee

I watched a lot of the Vols’ game against UAB, and it was not overly pretty for the Tennessee offense. It only really flowed once they took the ball out of Crompton’s hands and let the running backs do all the work, precisely the sort of thing Tennessee should have done against UCLA.

8. Vanderbilt

They won the Brain Bowl by shutting Rice out in the second half. The Owls had some first half success, but none after the break. Also, it is clear by now that Chris Nickson is no real threat to pass at all and that Vandy will do nearly all of its normal offensive gains on the ground.

9. South Carolina

The Gamecocks gave a valiant effort against Georgia and could easily have won the game on several occasions. The defense didn’t meltdown against the Bulldogs as it did against Vanderbilt, which is somewhat confusing. Still, Smelley was a lot better and might hold off Stephen Garcia for a little while longer.

10. Kentucky

They brought to mind the 1999 Rams’ Super Bowl, but not in the good way. I know Maryland lost to MTSU, but a last second escape should not be necessary for an SEC team against a Sun Belt team.

11. Mississippi State

It is year 4 under Sylvester Croom, and I think we all can stop waiting for him to coach up a competent offense. The Bulldogs mustered 3.1 yards per pass, 1.3 yards per rush, and 116 yards overall. Yes Auburn’s defense is good, but moving the ball just a shade over one complete field is shameful. The defense still looks pretty good though, and that’s enough to keep them above Arkansas on my ballot.

12. Arkansas

The Pigs are in the basement until they can prove they don’t belong there. Ike prevented them from having a chance this past weekend.


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