Vol QB Crompton Has Bum Ankle

Jonathan Crompton has a bum ankle, and sat out from practice yesterday. He apparently missed practice the week of the UAB game too.

That would explain some of his uneven performance, as missing practice when you’re a first-year starter running a brand new scheme doesn’t generally turn out well. It came as no surprise that when Tennessee basically abandoned the pass, the offense exploded against the Blazers.

I don’t know how much this will affect Saturday’s game. Arian Foster, Montario Hardesty, and Lennon Creer remain the best Nos. 1-3 of tailbacks in the conference, so they should be the primary weapons used against Florida. Whether they will be the primary weapons used against Florida is up to Dave Clawson, but he has not shown much of a willingness yet to operate that way.

Florida has had a statistically awesome rush defense ever since the beginning of 2006 and yes, that does include last season. Stopping those running backs will be the key for the Gators because there certainly is no way Crompton is winning the game for Tennessee, no matter the status of his ankle.


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