Crompton’s Tell

Here’s something to watch for during the game tomorrow.

Some Tennessee fans noticed during the UCLA game that Jonathan Crompton doesn’t like wearing his mouth guard. He puts it up in his facemask between plays, and any time he doesn’t put it back in, it’s a run play. Any time there is a pass play, he puts it in since there’s a chance of him getting hit.

After two weeks of practice to correct things going into UAB, he kept doing it. It’s a consistent thing: mouth guard in = pass, mouth guard in facemask = run.

He’s supposed to have it in during every play, so if the Tennessee staff coaches him up properly, he’ll have in in the whole game. I don’t know if they will have fixed it, but this is a big game. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him have it in every play at the beginning, but forget later if he gets rattled or Tennessee falls behind.

I have no doubt Florida’s coaches have noticed this fact, so watch out for it. If they bring the heat every time he has it out, it could be a long day for Tennessee’s running game.


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