Famous Snead Recruiting Story False

In Bruce Feldman’s book Meat Market, a tome about recruiting, there is a famous quote from current Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead. He originally committed to Florida before switching to Texas and then transferring to Oxford after losing out to Colt McCoy.

Snead told Feldman that Urban Meyer told him not to worry about Florida’s recruiting of Tim Tebow because they were recruiting Tebow as a linebacker. That was obviously not true as Tebow was always going to be a quarterback at UF, but the story could have been and it has often been used as an example by detractors (mainly Notre Dame fans for some reason) as an example of Meyer being unethical in the recruiting trail.

I always assumed that Meyer said that in jest and Snead just took it seriously when he shouldn’t have. Turns out Meyer didn’t even really recruit Snead, as Dan Mullen did most of the work on him. Was Jevan telling the truth? “Absolutely not,” according to Meyer.

For his part, Snead says that he doesn’t even remember if that was true. He also says that everything worked out for the best for everyone, so there’s no hard feelings.

I doubt people will let it go since it’s too difficult to correct information in the old fashioned paste-and-page format, but it’s time to put this one to bed.


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