Spikes’ Leadership Key to Defense Turnaround

It is a fairly famous story at this point, but urban Meyer has said plenty of times that Brandon Spikes didn’t really take a leadership role last season. He played his position well, but he didn’t act as the quarterback of the defense as the middle linebacker generally does.

All throughout the summer and fall camps, Meyer said that Spikes had been getting better at it. This week, he has gone so far as to say that Spikes has made the guys around him better. He went so far as to say that Lawrence Marsh’s great play so far is directly related to the development of the Predator.

The most telling part was how Meyer compared the effect to Brandon Siler’s positive effect on the 2006 defensive line. Siler was one of Meyer’s favorite players, and he doesn’t compare guys to his favorite players unless he really likes them.

Spikes had a masterful game against Tennessee; hopefully he’ll keep it up starting with this weekend’s game against Ole Miss.


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