USC Human After All

It’s amazing what happens when you play on the road against someone other than putrid Virginia.

USC had played at a very high level so far, but that stopped last night. I didn’t get to see the first half thanks to the new season of “The Office” on NBC, and despite my feeling otherwise, I guessed that the game wouldn’t be very exciting anyway.

I will have to look at my recording of the halftime show and second half more closely to find out what exactly happened, since the box score didn’t have many clues as to what happened before I started watching. However, it appeared USC ran into the same problem that Georgia did against South Carolina: the opposing defensive line was a good enough matchup that it didn’t have to do much blitzing to get pressure.

The Beaver offensive line looked pretty good for that matter too. They were able to open up some running lanes and bought QB Lyle Moevao scrambling time when he needed it. For a team that got stomped by Penn State, that’s pretty impressive.

I’ll admit that I thought USC looked very good the first three weeks, and I let it override my preseason opinion some. I suspected this Trojan team looked vulnerable, and here we found out that they are without a doubt vulnerable. Turns out we won’t have to worry about what happens if USC, the Big 12 champ, and the SEC champ all go undefeated.

TCU should give Oklahoma a run for their money, and Alabama’s defensive line could cause some serious problems for Georgia. It looks conceivable that Florida could be No. 1 after the weekend. Provided they beat Ole Miss, of course.



3 Responses to USC Human After All

  1. SC_Gator says:

    Well, the first half was rather one sided all around. Oregon State came out pumped up, USC looked relaxed and far too calm. The Oregon State defense made some great stops, USC made some stupid offensive choices (the WildCat/WildHog worked so well because McFadden ran it… I’m not questioning McKnight’s talent but he is NOT McFadden, at least not yet) had a bad fumble (McKnight again) and generally looked shell-shocked. On the other side of the ball the QB for Oregon State did a good job moving around and getting rid of the ball quickly (aside from one sack that ended a drive) when he needed to pass and Jaquizz Rodgers just gnashed USC pretty much every time he had the ball. I think that sack-ended drive was the only one they had in the first half that they didn’t score on.

    As it is, score could have been worse… Oregon State missed that 41 yard FG because their freshman back up kicker didn’t have it together, and that first half sack took them out of potential FG range as well, though I’m not sure he would have made it given the problems he seemed to be having. Just the same, if their starting kicker had been available it could have just as easily been a 12 point MOV instead of 6.

    One other thing that impressed me… and this is probably a sign that Urban Meyer and his style of football has rubbed so completely off on me… Oregon State did a hell of a job on punt coverage. They had several they rushed down to and pinned down inside the 10, which is what teams need to do but few seem able to.

  2. peachy says:

    Yeah, pretty much – it was all Oregon State in the first half. If you hadn’t known going in who was the favourite, you never would have guessed. The third quarter looked like it was part of a completely different game, and then the fourth sort of regressed to a mean between the preceding segments. (Less charitably, you might say it matched first-half USC against third-quarter OSU.)

    Rodgers was just ripping USC apart – think vintage Warrick Dunn, if Dunn had run eighty percent of the time between the tackles.

    (Completely agree on the punt coverage point, by the way – it was especially key in the fourth, when OSU simply wasn’t moving the ball the way they had before the half. Being pinned repeatedly against their own goal-line really seemed to fluster USC.)

  3. year2 says:

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

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