Box Score Gazing

The Good

First Downs: Florida 24, Ole Miss 10

Total Yards: Florida 442, Ole Miss 324

Penalties: Florida 6-40, Ole Miss 10-69

The Bad

Third Down Conversions: Florida 1-11 (!!)

Turnovers: Florida 3, Ole Miss 1

The Ugly

Ole Miss 31 – Florida 30


2 Responses to Box Score Gazing

  1. peachy says:

    That last drive was so frustrating – two shots at the endzone when UF only needed a first, had plenty of time, and had been getting the intermediate routes every time that possession and the one before?

    Far too hit-and-miss in this one – very good play overall by the defence, offset by two long TDs (both displaying bad habits from last year; missed tackles and horrifically blown coverage respectively.) Some decent returns from the special teams, but a blocked PAT, a shanked punt and at least two big returns against on kickoffs. (Ok, that’s mostly miss for them.) And from the offence, a mix of brilliant drives with utter and complete crap – that was an epically bad third quarter for the O, one of the worst I can recall seeing.

    There’s a #1 team in there somewhere, but there’s also an ‘others receiving votes’ team. How painfully ironic – I thought the big question of the game would be whether Good or Bad Ole Miss showed up…

  2. year2 says:

    Murphy was wide open, Harvin less so. Those were not really bad plays. Going with the hammer on 4th-and-1 when everyone knew it was coming was bad. That would have been a good spot for the jump pass, actually.

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